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  • $90.00

Specimen: Moldavite

Locality: Unknown

Weight: 1.49 grams

Variable: Angel chime, excellently exposed natural-healed split

Moldavite is a rare tektite that is thought to have originated from a meteorite striking the Nördlinger Ries crater in Germany around 14.7 million years ago. Though many meteors struck the planet in those eras, this particular meteor happened to strike at a perfect angle and, in doing so, sent a massive dust cloud into the air traveling east. This dust cloud, consisting of the vaporized meteor, surrounding earth, and organic matter, turned into a gas before rapidly cooling in the atmosphere upon its descent. The green, glass-like substance that resulted from this rapid cooling is the moldavite found in the Czech Republic today.

It takes hunters many man-hours to locate and mine these rare finds since the pieces are so widely spread across the country and surrounding areas. Certain localities, such as specimens from the area of Besednice, present the most sought-after, and therefore most valuable, pieces in existence due to their unique shape, texture, and market availability.

The metaphysical community believes this to be a stone of spiritual ascension, or more specifical a “Stone of Transformation.” It’s believed to be a very high-vibrational tool that becomes a catalyst of change for its owner, guiding and aiding them along their journeys towards self-realization. Some cultures believe it to be the “Holy Grail Stone” with roots in pre-biblical history, bringing good luck and prophecy fulfillment to the age of man.