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  • $39.99

The Wild Unknown Tarot is a Marseille-based Tarot deck as the Thoth Tarot card deck. Shuffling this deck is a little different from what we are used to. The cards are made from quality thick cardboard so it may take some time for readers to get used to them. The images on the cards look simple but contain complex meanings about the natural world. Animals, trees, plants, and insects make for a beautifully alluring deck. The accompanying 200-page guidebook also makes it easy for Tarot readers to use and interpret the cards, providing readings and diving into Tarot topics and images.

Each of the 78 cards in The Wild Unknown Tarot is a work of art that explores the mysteries of the natural world and the animal kingdom. Hand-drawn by the author in a minimalist style, the striking images on the cards offer profound contemplation. The Wild Unknown guidebook is also a phenomenally revered work of art – a handwritten and fully illustrated book that guides the reader through shuffling and cutting Tarot cards, creating a unique experience and interpretation of each card.