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  • $16.00

Prophecy stones are rare specimens found in the deserts of West Egypt and Eastern Libya, not far from locations where Libyan Desert Glass is found. It is a pseudomorph of Limonite and Hematite after Marcasite. Though the original shape of the mineral is leftover from a formation of Marcasite and Pyrite, the Prophecy Stone is actually a mineral that's been completely transformed into something new by the Limonite and Hematite. 

Metaphysically, this stone is considered to be very high vibration with a focus on the Third Eye chakra. The name implies that it is a vessel to help one see visions of events yet to occur. 


*Price is per individual piece unless noted. Due to the natural variations of each piece, please note that the actual item you receive may not appear exactly as pictured. Rest assured, however, that our dedicated team will do their best to hand-select the most attractive specimen(s) that we have in stock at the time of your order. Sizes and weights are always approximate.