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  • $87.00

Specimen: Libyan Desert Glass

Locality: Northern Africa

Weight: 14.4 grams

Libyan Desert Glass is an impactite, mostly comprised of lechatelierite, found in the eastern deserts of Libya and western Egypt. The recovery area is found roughly over tens of square kilometers. The origin is believed to be a meteor that struck the area nearly 29 million years ago. This is due to the fact that extreme temperatures (above 1600 degrees Celsius to be exact) are needed to create the nearly pure silica glass that the material is comprised of.

For centuries Libyan Desert Glass has been used in the creation of tools and talismans. King Tut, for example, was buried with an exquisite breastplate that, aside from being adorned with gold and jewels, featured a massive, carved scarab beetle made of Libyan Desert Glass.

Metaphysically, Libyan Desert Glass is believed to work similarly to Moldavite, another popular and quite powerful tektite. It’s believed to hold the vibration of the "Golden Ray" (a very powerful and sacred energy) and is considered to be highly protective against psychic energy. Its yellow color associates it with the solar plexus chakra.